Monday 28 April 2008

sob... sob....

I've just had to remove all 158 listings from my ebay shop, so that I am not shut down for breaching their listing policies.(damn policies!)
For those of you that arent aware...ebay are now banning any listing of items that are delivered electronically....namely every item I sell!
I have to say I did have a little lump in my throat as I was doing it! ebay has really been a godsend over the last year, I never would have been able to get my products 'out there' if it hadn't been for ebay.
I'm sure there are many others in the same boat today too... I just think its a real shame that honest sellers should suffer, because of the odd few less than honest scammers!
Anyway I've had my moan
Lets hope the website takes off in the same way ebay did............
bye for now

Thursday 24 April 2008

Little Dumplings

Come on then....Hands up who thought i was going to call this blog
'the big number 2'

Actually i did toy with the idea, but i didnt want to attract
the wrong sort of crowd!

Just wanted to show you some cards I've made with the new
'Little Dumplings' Downloads available in my shop....
I really love these images, and can't wait to start designing more!

Meet Robin and Leah......

The text on the long card reads...
'A little birdy told me......'
Its a bit difficult to read
The backing papers are available from me too.....

Check out some more in my ideas gallery

Back soon.....


I think I'm addicted to blogging!!

Wednesday 23 April 2008

The Big number 1

Well...This is it.... my very first post on my new blog!

I'm Paula, and I've just set up a new website:Pollycraft Where I sell downloadable graphics for use in card making projects.
I'd been selling them on ebay for a while, but due to their new policies on
'downloadable media' I've had to change tactics!

If you are a customer from ebay, you'll already know my products quite well
But you probably dont know all that much about me.....

So this is where you'll find out all you need to know (and perhaps some things
you don't need to know!)

I'll be keeping you informed of what i've been up to..... whats happening in
the shop and generally talking about my thoughts ...
(now there's a scary prospect!)

So if you like reading nonsense.... check back soon!
Thats about all for now...
Bye for now x