Friday 27 April 2012

A Happy Announcement!

Hello Everyone!

I'm here finally with the EXCITING news I've been promising to share for a while now...

We are expecting!!!

Yep! thats why I've been so distant and all over the place... I am in a complete baby bubble!!
I'm actually due in just 14 weeks... So not long now...
We are all SUPER excited!!

Even big brother to be Callum who will be 13 Tomorrow!!! (OMG!!)

We found out at my scan a few weeks ago that we are having another little man...
and here he is....

This will mean that things will continue to be a bit hit and miss on my blog, and in the shop...  but you are all used to that by now!!

I am giving up card making for the foreseeable future :( I have ZERO Mojo... and its starting to become difficult to sit at my desk... plus I know when my lil fella arrives I'll be otherwise occupied!

So, thats my news...

So excited!!

oh, and don't forget the 50% discount offer ends on Sunday...

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Saturday 21 April 2012

50% off 2 digis or more, and 12 new releases!

Just a quick post today to let you know about a FAB offer in the shop!

Yep!! thats a whole order of 2 digis or more for HALF PRICE!!!

even better than that! theres 12 New digis to choose from too!

Check them all out in the SHOP

AND... I've been havin a sort out of categories, so 'hopefully' it will be easier to find what you are after!

I'll be back later