Saturday 9 June 2012


Why does nothing EVER go the way you plan?

The shop was meant to close at midnight last night... I had a couple of last minute customers with problem orders outstanding, so needed to leave it open for a while...

Intended to close first thing this morning... and what do you know..... Technical difficulties!!!

I'm able to make certain changes, like remove all the categories from view...but can't remove products, unneeded pages, or add a closed message!!

I'm trying desperately to get an answer from the hosting company, but not getting anywhere at the mo!!

So if you want to sneek an order in, some products can still be found, and added to your basket from the homepage...

Great for those of you that thought you'd missed out...

The shop will close at some point today!!! fingers crossed!...
if you do manage to sneek an order in.... don't worry, you will be able to access your account still for 2 weeks, so will be able to download your order with no worries....

also, hubby was meant to be replacing the kitchen worktop today.... so turned off the water, emptied all the cupboards, ripped out the sink, removed the old worktop.... opened the new one....
BIG dent in it...!!!!
so now we have to wait for a new one, and have no sink!

wish me luck... slowly losing my patience here...


Thursday 7 June 2012

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag...... the eagle eyed among you might have spotted some little snippets of news while wandering around blog land this morning....

Anyone seen this little logo?

YEP its true... you are now able to buy Pollycraft stamps at Little Miss Muffet!!
AND.... there are 2 BRAND NEW images available!!!
Swings and Slides 'Butterflies'
Luna Bitterfrost 'Birthdays Rock'
I have to admit to being just a weeny bit excited about this... I hadn't even contemplated the idea of other people wanting to sell my stuff, so this oppurtunity came as a bit of a shock!!
now I can still enjoy creating new images... sit back and watch the amazing LMMS girls create projects with them... but still get to spend plenty of time with my family, and not have to worry about all the little things that were getting on top of me!!!
Can you hear the sigh of relief?
anyway, I don't know all the full deets, BUT I think today is release day... and Barbara also has a FABBY new release of her own, and a *special offer* too!!
pop on over for all the info!!

Little Miss Muffet Challenges
make sure you pay the lovely Barbara and her fab DT a visit.... and say hello!
I think tomorrow they will be showing off some inspiration with the new stamps!! EXCITING?!?!

I can't wait to see what you all create with the new digis!

well I'll finish with a final...woohooooooooo!!!!

Paula xxxxx

p.s...i'll be back a little later with some final pollycraft waffle... ;)
catch you soon!!


Tuesday 5 June 2012

Who likes suprises?

Hi all!
I hope everyone is well??
Wow its gone so quick since I announced closing! I can't believe its now only 3 days till Pollycraft closes its doors! :(
I'll be honest...although it feels like a relief to be free from the stressful side of it all... after all your lovely messages, I do feel VERY sad to be saying goodbye!!

HOWEVER... I have news!!
I'm not revealing too much just yet... BUT what I can say is....
 you haven't seen the last of my doodles!!!...

I have a surprise in store for you...
(and to be perfectly honest... its been a bit of a suprise to me!!)

There will be two NEW Doodles from moi available to purchase on Friday... BUT you will have to buy them from elsewhere!...

ooooooohhhhh EXCITING!!!

Without giving away too much, I can tell you that you will still be seeing several of my past DT members creating with my images... AND... my doodles will be sharing a home with some gorgeous Nursery rhymes!!

Any Guesses?

Well... thats all I'm saying!!!

Catch you soon....
Paula xxxxxx