Wednesday 20 January 2010

Name the new boys..... and win £15.00 to spend at Pollycraft




Evelyn C said...

woohoo am i first? I am going for jake and josh (my daughter loves drake and josh the ameican tv show) great male images - always something we NEED! have linked you on my blog - thanks for the chance x

KanataNewf said...

hmmm...I'm going with Douglas for the first image and Noah for the second - on the skateboard.

fairie said...

1. Shy Guy Dan
2. Skater Guy Dan

I will be posting this on my blog.


Angie Cortes said...

How fun!! The new boys make me think Justus and Devin. Thanks!

*Alison* said...

the first little man looks like an Oliver to me.. and the second a Pete or Max

thanks for the chance to win.. Off to post on my sidebar.. hugs

Unknown said...

I love these!!!! The first I think looks like a Zak, and the second one I think looks like a Blake! Thank you sooo much for this chance to win!


Rhonda Miller said...

I like the names Will and Logan.

Thanks for a chance to play along.

susan said...

My name choices are Dylan and Ian. These are great images!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

OK - how about Scott and Steve or maybe Clint and Jesse

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

OK - how about Scott and Steve or maybe Clint and Jesse

Karrie O. - Sweet Paper Treats said...

I thought of "Will" and "Scotty", Cool cards!!

p.s. where do I send you pics of a project that I created with your free digi girl with the heart? I couldn't find a email on your site.

Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

I'd name the top one Josh and the other one Tommy. It's what my two boys are called.
Have put you in my sidebar.

Annemarie said...

On the skateboard is a real Steve.
I'd like Josh for the other one.
Good luck with the naming!

Linda said...

Shy Shane

Wheelie Dude

Lilacanglia said...

Peter for the top one,
Adrian for the skateboarder,

Annie said...

The guy I'm on a training course with is called Cane so seeing as I'm half awake and a bit brain dead I'm gonna go for Cane and Abel.
Love the images.
I'll put a link on my side bar tonight when I'm more awake.
Ann xxx

Unknown said...

Hi I think Justin and Connor when I saw them it was the first name that came into my head.
Christine x

Linda said...


Lovely cards are this.
With the first card, I think about my little boy, his name is Mike for the second card that boy is really named Jack

hugs Linda Dekker

ribenaruby said...

Hi, I'm going with Andrew and Tom, super images!

Sharon said...

Don't know why, but these 2 names just popped into my head. First image, Kyle and the skateboarder, Kev (short for Kevin). Good luck with your selection Paula.

Dazie said...

Oo some fab boy images hooray!!!

I am going to go for Nate for the top guy and Jed for the second guy.

Love the cards by the way!

Angela Toucan said...

Harry and James

Annie said...

I'm taking the easy way out and calling them after my own boys - Mat and Jay.
hugs, annie x

Anonymous said...

Lovely images great to see some for the boys, my thoughts are Alfie and Ollie.


clare said...

Hi Hun x I so love these images..cant wait for them to be released.
thanks for the names are....1- Jake 2- Jordan after my 2Skater & Grunge
Good Luck All Hugs Clare xx

JanieB said...

Definately a Fred and George... and I already have your link on my blog... great cards...

hugs Janie xxx

Jessie said...

I'm going with Adam for the top one and Ben for the one underneath, after my two boys!

Deanne Clarke said...

My suggestions are
Jamison and Eric.

KymKreates said...

The top one reminded me of a cuddly Teddy bear so I would name him "TEDDY" The bottom one of course would have to be "HAWK" after Tony Hawk.The most noted skateboarder around.

Anyway great images. Love the boys!

cookiemonster said...

what cool images I think Tristian for the cool boy and Blake for the skater boy,will put a link in my blog now,good luck everyone,hugs Andrea x

Sarah said...

What a fab idea, love the new stamps! I am going to go for Justin and Leo and will pop a link in my sidebar here x

Deonna Bemish said...

I think that you should name them Alex and Elliot. I don't know why i chose those names except i know people that your digi boys remind me of. Thanks for the chance.

Hayley said...

Great new images - have linked you on to my sidebar.... I think they should be Alfie and Archie

Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

Great idea, always need great boy images!

I like:-

Robbie & Richie

Hugs Jane x

JAN said...

my names would be Garrett and Jake love these stamps they are fab and we need more for the boys cards and mini albums ect

pinky said...

Love your two new images, excellent. I think you should call them DANNY and FINN.

Amanda said...

Hi Pollycraft, love the designs. I'd like to suggest the names Ryan and Riley. I think the skateboarder looks like a Ryan and the bashful guy is a Riley.
I've posted a link in my side bar on my blog
Thanks for the chance of winning some more Pollycraft goodies for my collection!

Mel said...

Hi these are fab, i think mine would have to be Jack and Justin off to link it on my side bar thanks for this fab chance to name the boys :)
hugs Mel

Mrs Bs Blog said...

Hi Pollycraft thanks for the chance to win.
What about Dwaine for the first and Ben for the second. Don`t ask me why, but these just popped in my head. Have posted in my side bar at

Penni said...

How about Edward and William


Carolyn said...

I think they should be called Alex and Kai. They are great characters!!!

PattiM said...

1. Mathew

2. Michael


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

Ruthie said...

Paulie and Josh x

rudie2shoes said...

Oh, they look like a Riley (#1) and Ryder (#2) and they can be brothers! :-)

kaylou said...

Hi Ladies
wow great images i'm gonna go with Kurt and Mackenzie......
hugs Kaylou xoxo

Josephine said...

I'd go for Ben (who could be such a wide age-range which is great) and Alfie (who's on the skateboard). Off to do the link-thing.

Daisychain said...

1. Taylor
2. Kyle

These were the first names to come into my head when I saw the lovely images. Great fun!

Debs said...

Hi Paula
I reckon they look like Lewis & Alfie.
Whatever they get called - they are fab male images - thanks.
Take care
Debs xx

Kathie said...

Hi Paula,
I would love to see Ryan and Riley for these two images. Ryan the Skater and Shy Riley.
Many thanks for the chance.

keira said...

Oh how exciting!! I had thought of the names Reece and for the skater Connor.

Had also thought of Ollie but that is already taken - sorry if either these are already taken also.


Lou said...

As soon as saw the boys they made me think of my son and his best friend
so 1. Danny
2. Sammie (would be the one on skateboard)

I am giving my blog a face lift but will add details asap

Beth aka BR-T said...

I am all about Dirk and Zane! Beth aka Beth

DesertBuni said...

Well they look like brothers to me...I think they look like a Dustin and an Austin!! Dustin for the first Brother and Austin on the skateboard! and BTW, your cards are amazing...Love the colors, perfect for young men!!! I'll add your contest to my Candy Jar! You can check it out at The Paper Palace!! Thanks for letting me play along!

Julie said...

Ethan and Scooter. Love your boys!

Lisa said...

Hi, These are fab images! Just perfect for the boys cards I find so difficult to make.

1) Jed
2) Jaycee

I will pop a link in my sidebar.

Lisa x

jude said...

Wow well these are my 2 names for those 2 cute boyz.
thanks for the chance to win,fab male images i think everyone gets stuck when it comes to a male birthday.

Sammi said...

Great cards and awesome boy images... mmm ..I reckon Callum and Jake.

Sunshine Girl said...

I am going to name them after my two boys too, so:

1. Original Oliver
2. Benny's Board

Bubbles said...

Great images just perfect for those boys cards we all struggle with, and the cards are just fabulous!
I would like to see the first chappy called 'Guy' because he looks like a cool kinda guy!!
Ben for the second little fellow!

Good luck with choosing and I am sure these images are going to be super hits!
Joanne x

Wilma said...

I would like to name them Archie and Alfie - I have a friend who has 2 dogs with those names and they are cheeky wee things - perfect for your new boys - I have put a link in my sidebar :)

Unknown said...

Hi Paula,
Cool guy images!
I like Joel for the first one and Kyle for the second one. Oooh would love to win these.
Dawn xx

Debbie (Little Gingham Bear) said...

I have no idea why these names sprag to mind but I think Owen for the top one and Ryan for the skater.


Deirdre said...

They have to be Dexter and Alex (Alex on the board!). Converted to Dex and Lex!!!

Love these boy images - especially as I have two and always looking for fun things to make boy cards with.

Tasha said...



love tasha xx

KarenB said...

Love those images!!
My picks are Arnold and Dolby

Have fun choosing the names :)

Debs said...

ooh fab the new images...hope theres more to come?! i'll place a link in my side bar and seeing as we're big F1 fans in our house my names are "Hamilton" for the first and "Jenson" for the sk8r boy .. Debs x x

Tammy said...

I would name them Mason and Brady or Skater Brady. You are in my sidebar!

Debs M said...

Ethan for the first one, Josh for the skater, good luck everyone x

grandmalee said...

Love these awesome boy images...always need them, can never find what I want! The 1st one looks like a Bored Bradley.
The 2nd one has to be Skating Sully. If you knew my grandson, you would know he had no fear of skateboarding at age TWO!

Allison said...

I think Max and Josh

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Oh to name some boys - it's a long time since my husband and I had to do naming as our two boys are 13 and 17. I'm not naming them after them but in fact two young men that took the UK by storm in the X-Factor Jedward ie the names of JOHN AND EDWARD. The first picture has hair sticking up like theirs did and you never know what's under the hat in the second picture!! I think these pictures would go down a storm and have the X-Factor as it's so hard for boys'/mens' cards. Best wishes, Kym xxx

Anonymous said...

Ewan and Jamie I think!

MissyB said...

Hi i would like to go with Billy for the first image and Harry for second one.

Thanks x

Paper Hearts Handmade Cards said...

Hi Fab images can we buy them yet?, names I picked straight away were Alfie and Jed or as they do look a bit like my two Jack and Ewan, have posted a link,.............K x

Unknown said...

Hi Paula

I love the images - they are cool.

I would call the first one Ash and the second one Ryan. Cool dudes.

Paula xx

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Great boy images!

1st image: Russel

2nd (skater) image: Tyler

It will be so much fun to see who wins!


Anita said...

Jack & Zak

MarikaGabez said...

Hmmmm ...boys name....?
Liam and Kian


Amanda said...


I like Ben for the cool dude one and Luke for the skate boarder.
Love the new images.

Anne said...

1 - Ollie (Oliver)
2 - Kieran

crafty amy said...

I lovethe look of these 2 you can never have too many boy/men images I think the first chap should be Andy as he looks like he is a bit handy and like he could arrive with some tools and stuff later :D
And the second makes me think of Daring Dexter who could get up to all sorts of daring deeds like surfing and parachuting.
Thanks for letting us play and have a chance of naming these 2

Amy xx

debb said...

Ok how about Skatin' Nate and Mike for the other... They are adorable!

Marianne's Craftroom said...

These are fab. They'll be gret for those dreaded male cards. My choice is Sam for the first one and Josh for the skateboarder. Marianne x

Lauretta See said...

i would say

Tom & Will :)))
cute boys by the way!! :))


Liz said...

1. Derick
2. Chad

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Paula, what funky dudes! I'm always on the lookout for boy images (as I have two of my own). I am going to suggest Aaron & Fred. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs, Denise x

Lydz said...

Hehe..what good fun!

The first guy definitely looks like a Drew to me and the second guy looks like a Ryan!

So my names are:
1. Drew
2. Ryan

Lydia G x x

Lorraine said...

great competition how about Kool Kalvin and Adventurous Aaron hope you like them thanks hun x

Unknown said...

I have to name them after my boys, as they are so very similiar

Mitch (Mitchell)
and Harry boy x

I will put a link to your comp on my blog (
Leigh x

lbwright22-loopylou said...

I think 'Dan the Dude' for the first and 'Sam the Skater' for the second!

Liz DB said...

I think 1. Jackson
and 2. Scooter

love the cards!! love pollycraft stuff !!! Thanks for the chance

lou said...

fab images for the cards we all dread to make .... boys cards.

Cool boy - Robbie
Skater - Joe

Thanks again for some lobely images!! xx

Cazzy said...

Adam for the standing boy and Oscar for the skate boarding boy.

Cazzy x

Aunty Sue said...

Hi i like Jake and Toby off to post link. Great images

K said...

Ooo, I'd have to name them after my lads, Zack for the first image, and Kai for the skater.

Off to add a link on my sidebar

Nicky said...

Oh I love these images

I think the first one looks like a Sam and the one on the skateboard Jake

sally said...

Love the images.....
1st boy Julian (meaning Youth)
2nd boy (skater) Marvin (meaning great friend)

sally said...

Love the images

1st boy Julian
2nd boy Marvin (skater)

Cyn said...

I would have to say

The first one is definatly a Zach.

The 2nd one a Zander

Anonymous said...

I think they should be called
Caz R

Sprytebyrd said...

I'm thinking Evan and Ethan.

I've put a link on my sidebar, too

Dee (sprytebyrd)

Lynsey said...

Oooh they remind me of my Godson and his older brother, Haydn and Cameron. (Cameron being on his skateboard, which he will be just like this when he is a little older I am sure, he's only 5 at the moment).

georgei-butterflygirl said...

the two boy name is
Sam and Dean
they are so pretty

Anonymous said...

the frist boy sam
and the other boy
and they are so cut
love them

Rhonda said...

Being from a family of all boys I am thrilled to see boy images. I say
Taylor for the first one
Dalton for the second

Link is on my blog. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Yvonne Russell said...

1. Seth
2. Tommy

Deanette said...

Cute images :) How about Parker for the first & Bobby the skateboarder for the second?

snooptigger said...

My names are Brian for the 1st and Jake for the skater

Unknown said...

I'd call them Ryan and Jordan...
Lovely imagaes... the second one definately reminds me of my son!!!!

cindy said...

1st image: declan

2nd (skater) image: noah

Milliesmarvels said...

1st image (hands in pockets): Patric
2nd image: Jack

Janette said...

Look like Lee and Lucas to me....x

Pumpy said...

I love them, I thing I would call them
1. Bruce
2. Storm.


Anonymous said...

Great images and they remind me so much of my 2 boys.
1st image - Ross
2nd image - Drew
Thanx Leigh

Sarah A said...

Love these images!! I really need some boy images in the next couple of weeks as my nephew is 16 on Sunday and 2 of my sons have birthdays in February!!!!

I think Reece and Kieran

Sarah xx

P.S I have linked to my blog here

Beverley said...

Great images. Connor for the first and Liam for the second

Bev x

Jilli said...

Great images! I think ... Rylee and Rory.

Poppet said...

Thank you for the chance to win these fantastic digis.

Chuck and Murray are the names that come to mind.

I have put your link on my side bar.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh cutie pies with no names yet - Dillan & Finn comes to mind

yvette said...

The skater boy should be Ian and the boy with the hands in his pocket should be Edward he kinds of reminds me of a young Edward Cullen

Liz said...

Bill & Ben!

Bashful Bill & Skateboard Ben

Liz x

Anonymous said...

Oli for first dude
skater boy for 2nd

Anonymous said...

1. Oli
2 Skater dan