Friday 2 April 2010

Just To Clarify...

I know... I'm stupid!!
I didnt say how long I was leaving each draw open for!!
I had intended to close them at the end of each day, and announce the winner the following day, but didnt state this, and forgot to set an expiry time on mr linky, so have had new links added for yesterday!!
So what I'm going to do is leave all 4 posts open for new links, and pick 4 winners at random on release day...

Sorry if I didnt make it clear... my head is all over the place!!
(on the bright side, if you are arriving for the first time on day 4... you havent missed out!!)


☼ Cheryl* said...

wow I don't know I missed this! Thanks for extending the draw :)

Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

Don't worry you've sorted it
Hugs Alison.

Linda van der Lans. said...

Ach girl you can closed it from now! Then you only made a mistake for one day...not bad ??

Alexandra Lundgren said...

I would do something just like this and maybe not even notice :). Thank you for being so generous!!!

Lynn said...

Wow, that is so generous, and I am really pleased as I too don't know how I managed to miss this ;). Love those new images!