Wednesday, 2 October 2013

BIG prizes STILL unclaimed...and Massive Mega Deals continue....

Good Morning!!!
How are we all today???
it feels frrrrrrrreezing here! not sure if its just me, or if winter really is on its way....
not that I really mind... I love winter!!

Any-hoo.... the reason I'm here is to remind you all to check your accounts!!
2 people STILL haven't claimed their £10.00!!!
and..... 5 people STILL haven't claimed their £5.00!!!!

that's ALL the bigger prizes unclaimed!!!!

there's only a week left to use any credit... 

got yourself one of the MASSIVE MEGA deals yet??

they really are super value!!!

they won't be available for grab 'em while you can!!!!
right...that's me for today...
reminders done!!

see you soon!!

1 comment:

Paula's ponderings said...

Just got my mega bundle and it is FABULOUS!! Thank you so much Paula for your generosity. Best Wishes

Paula (the flu'd up one!)