Friday 3 October 2008

A little help from my friends...

Hey....I'm back!!

Where on earth does the time go?

If you've popped over to the shop today, you may have noticed a few new additions.....

The latest set of stamps 'Mary-Lous Shoes' are now available for your viewing pleasure..... HOWEVER they won't be available for sale until tomorrow...... along with the Christmas Collection

This is a collection of 9 designs, featuring the VERY cute Mary-Lou.. her sassy sister Billie, and her Friends William, Jade and Felicity.....

Now then the eagle eyed among you will have noticed that there are only 8 available to view in the shop....

Thats where you guys come in........

The 9th Design..(which is actually the very first one I created) has not yet been named!!......

I want you all to tell me what YOU think the stamp should be named... so Mary-Lou'?' (e.g Mary Lou 'in the garden'....)

All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post with your suggestion(s) of a name for the stamp. (you can check out the names of the rest of the range if you need ideas)

I'll announce the chosen name next Wednesday, and the WINNER will recieve the stamp as a PRIZE!! and the pride of knowing that you named it!!!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with...

I'll be back soon with YET MORE exciting news.....

Sorry the links don't go directly to the Mary-Lous shoes page, blogger isn't co-operating tonight...grrrr!

Paula xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, take two!... How about Mary Lou has a flower for you! - My poetic side is coming out!!! Kelly xxx

Jo Austin said...

Hi Paula.. Mary Lou dancing with daisies... what do you think?

love Jo x

She's stunning whatever she's called..

ella bella said...

wow Paula just been over to your shop to have a look and the stamps are gorgeous... i love these designs so much.....i can feel a shopping spree coming on :)
will have to get my thinking cap on for a name.
Tracy x

crafty amy said...

Hi Paula,
Wow they are so sweet and love the collection title it so cute!
How about Mary lou say it with flowers or Mary Lou would pick you

Amy xx

Anonymous said...

Stamps are gorgeous! My suggestion is Mary Lou "hello sunshine"

Anonymous said...

Ah, forgot to stick my name at the end of the "hello sunshine" message!!!!

Sheena x

~* Donna *~ said...

Mary Lou Jane
Mary Lou Poppet
Mary Lou's Flower
Mary Lou and Flowers Too
Mary Loy in SPRINGfield
Mary Lou Lonesome
Mary Lou's Lonesome Flower
Mary Lou's Garden Tour

Sorry i got carried away!
And you didn't state how many times we can comment so Ner ner lol

Donna xxx

I think she's one of the sweetest out of the "shoe" range

Pop's Cards said...

Shaleise said Mary Lou Pigtails...

I think Poppet is the best but then i am biased, nice suggestion Donna...

Lee says Mary Lou whats behind you...

Mary lou looking at you
Mary lou how sweet are you
Mary lou smiles for you
Mary Lou Blushes for you
Mary Lou has a surprise for you
Mary Lou waiting for you
Mary Lou cheeky you
Mary Lou summer fun
Mary Lou spring has sprung
Mary Lou summer days
Mary Lou sweetness

Anonymous said...

I haven't done stamping before but these look great, it is tempting me to have ago.
My suggestion for Mary Lou is
Mary Lou casual
Mary lou looking cool